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This is not intended to slight 9/11 or the thousands that died that day.
And there are other dates on the calendar that we mourn those who innocently lost their life and those who willingly stood up to defend the innocent.
But more importantly we HAVE to honor those who died on the dates that are just a number on the calendar.
The single Corpsman that runs into the fight and dies trying to save his Marines.
The Capt who flies his jet into the ground just to make sure it misses that community.
The Soldier who dies standing guard defending an imaginary line on the map.
The Marine who runs back to get into the gun turret of a burning Humvee providing his squad protective fire so that they can escape an ambush, knowing he will die. And does.
The fireman who dies in a house looking for total strangers.
The cop who is shot down in the prime of his life just because he asks the guy where he is going with that shopping basket.
They all died protecting us.
They all deserve to be remembered.
But they all were unfortunate enough to die alone in the line of duty, so they are only remembered by their family.
The above actions happened; I didn't make any of it up.
So yes remember 9/11 - burn it into your memory. Tell your children. Please don't ever forget that day, but also honor ALL the brave, everyday!
SO -
EVERYDAY, an American flag should be displayed outside every home, apartment, office, and store in the United States

Every individual should make it their duty to display an American flag
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